GameReady® system with ACCEL® technology makes it possible for medical specialists to accelerate natural remedial processes of an organism setting a new standard of rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. Immobilization, cold and compression have been used in therapy of not only acute but also chronic impairments, as well as in early rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries for a long time. Conventional cooling packages and static devices for compression are not comfortable for use especially under field conditions and in such areas as a shoulder, breast, knees, etc. GameReady® mobile system of local cryotherapy solved this problem. Developed by scientists and physicians based on NASA space technology, local GameReady® cryotherapy device simultaneously performs controlled cryotherapy (temperature-controlled) and pulsing compression by means of bandages that can be conveniently fixed on different parts of the body. Investigations show that cold therapy reduces pain, spasms and tumours of soft tissues, risk of possible tissue injuries. Immobilization creates conditions required to initiate reparative processes. Impulse compression excludes excessive fluid from the injured area; this helps reduce the existing and prevent possible swelling and further impairment of blood flow. In combination these processes form a new level of treatment. Anatomic bandages of GameReady® system are manufactured based on the technology used by NASA when producing space suits; this makes it possible to assure exact and comfortable fitting regardless of the injured area of the body. Bandages are designed for almost all parts of the body including the ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow joints, lower back, hip/inguen and wrist. For rehabilitation after a surgery or complete rehabilitation of a knee joint, a special knee joint bandage was designed that is used together with passive respiration mechanisms.

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