Individual adaptation of an organism to the changes in the gas content of the inhaled air is one of the most ancient though most important problems of medicine and biology. The use of hypoxic stimulation of non-specific resistance of an organism is based on the cross adaptation concept when immunity to one extreme factor improves the immunity of an organism to a whole range of different influencing factors. Our organism keeps genetic memory about the life in a low oxygen environment and, if required, can comparatively easily adapt to hypoxia. After birth defense mechanisms gradually disappear as there is much more oxygen in our environment than inside the uterine and a child does not have to fight for it any more. Interval normobaric hypoxic training consists of the following four items:

  • “normobaric” means that the training is performed under normal atmospheric pressure of 730—760 mm Hg
  • “hypoxic” means that during a training session the patient inhales air with low oxygen content (16—9% depending on the physician’s prescription)
  • “interval” means that the hypoxic gas mixture is inhaled not continuously but with intervals when the patient breathes in normal air containing 20.9 % of oxygen (i.e. there are time-limited normoxic intervals between hypoxic effects the duration of which is approximately the same as that of hypoxic effects);
  • “training” means a process during which compensatory mechanisms of an organism are trained: physiological, biochemical systems that compensate for hypoxia, external respiration organs, blood circulation, blood formation, biochemical mechanisms of oxygen transfer and utilization in tissues and mitochondria.

Interval normobaric hypoxytherapy is a more effective and physiological, technically and economically affordable method that assures better tolerance towards different environmental factors compared to hypoxia developed in the mountains and pressure chambers. Moreover, an important advantage of normobaric hypoxia is an opportunity to individually select modes (a link about the modes) and strictly dose the hypoxic effect. Interval normobaric hypoxytherapy is considered to be a new technology, equal to state-of-the-art pharmaceutical medicines in many cases and has no adverse properties that are common in many medicines. The method totally excludes such unfavourable factors of a mountain climate as high humidity, low atmospheric pressure, seasonal temperature fluctuations, intensive solar radiation and other.

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