Objectives of the Institute

The main objective of our institute is to obtain complete and comprehensive information about the physical development, functional state of the body of athletes from national teams of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their immediate reserve; to prepare and rehabilitate them after injuries and diseases, intensive exercises, to improve individual achievements in record-setting sports as well as to promote local sports.
It is also important to note that the institute participates in the coordination of the activity of health care and medical facilities with sports organizations, societies, federations and teams on the issue of consulting and diagnostic, medical and preventive, as well as remedial support for athletes with the use of physical rehabilitation methods.
The institute pays a lot of attention to scientific and methodological work on the development and implementation of modern procedures for prevention of injuries and diseases in sports, rehabilitation treatment during various diseases and injuries of athletes as well as medical control of the medical status of persons who go in for sports.
Our specialists deliver medical support to athletes and patients to improve the quality of life and sports achievements. We try to remain to be leaders in medical assistance in sports and rehabilitation in the city, country, and region. Holding a course to ongoing development, the institute builds the national professional staff in sports medicine, rehabilitology and other adjacent areas.

Sabir Adnayev

Director of the Institute,

Honored Doctor of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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