Information for athletes

The institute performs medical screening for top class athletes of sports federations, clubs and national teams. The schedule is adjusted with the training and competition schedule of an athlete. Moreover, profound medical examination of athletes is performed; it includes a considerable amount of analyses and makes it possible to give more convincing conclusions on the state of the athlete for the time being as well as on his/her potential in view of sports achievements in one or another sport. We also perform post-treatment examination (after injuries, diseases) for our athletes to be admitted for training, as well as pre-competition examination. A sports physician, therapist, otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist, dentist and, if necessary, other specialists are involved in examinations. Screening laboratory and cardiorespiratory examination of athletes is performed.
The institute also renders diagnostic and rehabilitation assistance to athletes in case of diseases and traumas. The institute’s clinic is equipped with all required facilities for state-of-the-art and successful treatment of sports injuries.
Detailed information on our diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment capabilities can be found in the “For Athletes” section. Call 404-83-10/11/12 for more detailed information. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and to schedule a visit to our specialists for you.

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