Examination of athletes

Individual medical examination of athletes is performed to obtain information on their physical development, evaluation of their health status, functional state of the organism and indicators of their physical capacity; for this purpose an individual examination program is developed that includes:

  • Morphometric examination
  • General clinical examination
  • Laboratory instrumental examination
  • Evaluation of the physical development level
  • Evaluation of the psychophysiological and psychoemotional status
  • Evaluation of the influence of increased physical load on the function of organs and systems of the organism
  • Detection of borderline states as risk factors for pathologies (including life hazards) in sports activity
  • Detection of diseases (including chronic diseases in the phase of remission) and pathological states that are contraindications for sports activity
  • Prognosis of the health state in case of regular increased physical load
  • Identification of the reasonability of the selected sports activity based on the determined state of health and detected functional changes
  • Medical recommendations for planning and correction of the training process in the annual training cycle based on the detected changes in the state of health.

Based on the results of an individual examination the adequacy of the athlete body load, its correspondence to the functional capabilities of the organism, correctness of the applied loading mode are estimated to admit athletes to sports activity and participation in competitions.
Individual medical examination of athletes is performed at all stages of multiyear preparation of athletes: from the sport specialization stage, at the stage of improvement of sport skills to the stage of higher sports skills.


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