Biometry and anthropometry

The method of anthropometric investigation is widely used for determination of physical development of athletes. Generally speaking, these indicators reflect the functional state of the organism and are important for evaluation of the general health and working capacity.
Anthropometric investigation includes: determination of the weight, measurement of the height, chest circumference. To measure circumferences of extremities we use 3D scanning of the body that makes it possible to compare the changes in the body configuration in the course of training.
Measurement of body composition is of great importance: amount of fluid, fat, osseous and muscle tissue in the organism. Spirometry is also important; it helps determine the lung capacity. Dynamometry is a method that helps determine the muscle force of hands with a hand dynamometer and the muscle force of back extensors with a lifting dynamometer.
The results of anthropometric investigations are assessed with the methods of standards, correlation, profiles and indices.


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