Myographic research in sports

Electromyography is a method widely used in sports medicine as a whole and our institute in particular. In athletes we use transcutaneous contactless myography that is painless and does not limit regular movements. Moreover, it is possible that an athlete makes movements in his/her proven technique. The 16 channel system makes it possible to analyze considerable number of muscles and their portions at the same time.

We use myography both for isolated analysis of muscles and for combined analysis: with isokinetic testing, with optical kinematic visioning with the use of force plates. Electrical tensomyography is essential for athletes; it provides correlation between the force of muscle impetus and the intensity of the muscle effort. This helps discover pathology (functional, traumatic or congenital) in the work of muscles, as well as the maximum possible effort.

At our institute myography is used in complex and step-by-step diagnostics of muscle pathologies. The method is also important from the differential diagnostic point of view.


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