Rehabilitation of athletes

We have a great number of efficient scientifically grounded technologies for rehabilitation of athletes after a training cycle, sports competitions, in a competing process. We use vacuum therapy, hyperbaric oxygenation, cryo baths and ice baths.

Rehabilitation after injuries is a time consuming and responsible process that involves the use of different techniques the selection and duration of which are determined strictly individually and only by an experienced specialist. In fact, a successful surgery on the musculoskeletal apparatus, correct reposition and plaster are only the beginning of treatment; more than 50% of its success depend on a correctly developed program of post-traumatic rehabilitation, because continuous induced immobility and absence of physical load usually do not go without a trace and pose certain problems. Vascular and other pathological changes that appear in connection with this can cause muscle atrophy, impairment in the trophics of soft tissues, restriction in joint mobility, etc. Hypodynamics slows down the resolution of hematomas caused by injuries and unfavourably affects the efficiency of rehabilitation after injuries.

It is recommended to begin rehabilitation after injuries as soon as possible without waiting for consolidation of fractures, end of immobilization or removal of sutures. In an ideal case, to achieve the best result you should already start rehabilitation on the second or third day after a surgery or injury after preliminary permission of the physician and under supervision of the medical staff.

In most cases patients after a disease or surgery should know about an important stage which is rehabilitation after injuries and/or fractures. The success of treatment after an injury depends not only on the quality of the surgery but also on correct post-traumatic rehabilitation. A consolidated fracture, fitted bone not always mean recovery.

The basic, most wide spread and proven methods of post-traumatic rehabilitation are remedial physical training, mechanotherapy, kinetotherapy, manual therapy, massages, physiotherapeutic procedures, labour therapy, psychotherapy. These techniques are used at our institute by skillful specialists with long standing experience of work with active athletes.


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