For coaches and physicians of teams and federations

Working with top class athletes from federations, clubs and national teams we try to establish close contact first of all with their coaches and physicians. This gives us an opportunity to maintain successiveness of work with athletes at the institute, during training sessions and at home, on the one hand, and to perform medical and coaching control of the treatment and sport results, on the other hand. The time of therapeutic procedures is adjusted with the training and competition schedule of an athlete.
In their medical opinions our specialists give not only medical but also pedagogic recommendations as to the state of an athlete in a phase of the training, competing period or at rest. Our specialists will give an unbiased opinion on the possibility to admit an athlete after rehabilitation to training with 100% load, to the playground or game. Our recommendations will help team coaches and physicians make a smooth transfer from rehabilitation after a trauma or overtension to a normal training process.
For record setting sports we perform basic and periodic screening of athletes; interim and current monitoring, as well as profound medical examination, which makes it possible to assess the capabilities of an athlete in more detail and determine initial state return points after rehabilitation treatment.
Our mobile team is equipped with all required instruments and transportable clinical and biochemical laboratory and can perform examinations in a gym, stadium, cross country and sports training camp.
For more detailed information from our sports physicians please call 404-83-10/11/12. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and to schedule a visit to our specialists for you.


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