Information for patients

The institution accepts patients with pathology of central and peripheral nervous system, or musculoskeletal system for rehabilitation treatment. We have a group of cardiac rehabilitation for patients with ischemic heart disease (myocardial infarction, stenocardia), myocarditis, cardiomyopathy and some abnormalities of heart, as well as after surgeries and cardiac transplantation.

We provide the patients of various age groups, from infants to the aged, with necessary support and medical care.

The institution has special conditions for people with disabilities. There are special flat wheelchair ramps, elevators, car access, restrooms and showers for wheelchair patients. A special transport equipped with a lifting device for the carriage of sedentary patients can pick up the patients. A reanimobile with a transport wheelchair equipped with everything necessary for medical assistance is used for fully immobile patients.

The institution has a day patient facility for rest and eating of patients undergoing an intensive course of medical rehabilitation, allowing them to have several procedures per day simultaneously and undergo examinations without the inconvenience associated with their order. A nurse is appointed to the patients, ensuring coordination of the patient’s entire stay at the institution. All this gives relatives an opportunity to solve their urgent problems, because there is no need for them to stay close to the patient. In the prescribed time, our special purpose vehicle will return patient home, after going through all the necessary procedures and checkups.

We also visit patients at home to perform diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment, as well as hospitals and emergency departments in case of the call from doctors to perform operation, manual therapy and physical therapy procedures.

Please, see the “Patients” section to get more information about our diagnostic and medical treatment opportunities. You can apply for any information you need on the reception by phone: 404-83-10 / 11/12. We are looking forward to answer your questions and arrange an appointment for you with our specialists.

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