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Dr. İbrahimova Almaz

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  • Dr. İbrahimova Almaz
Professional field: he has extensive experience as a rehabilitator, social-medical rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist, sports doctor. As a consulting doctor, he cooperates with traumatologists and neurologists. He is the first specialist working in Azerbaijan with the high-tech robotic gait complex with biological feedback - "G-EO" system. In the treatment of scoliosis patients, K. Shrot applied the methodology for the first time in MITRI in our country. Voyta-therapy and Bobat-therapy methods are used to treat children with cerebral palsy.
In 1982, he graduated from the faculty of treatment and prevention of the Azerbaijan State Medical University. He has 40 years of professional work experience.

Labor activity:
He worked as a sports doctor at the Sumgayit City Sports Medicine Center, as the head of the Social-Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department at the Republican Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, and as a rehabilitator-physiotherapist at the Baku Children's Rehabilitation Center.

Post Graduate Professional education:
 ·  Specialization in the field of rehabilitation. Bakırköy Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, Istanbul, Republic of Turkey;
 · "Arthrology", "Selected physiotherapeutic topics", "Questions of selected physical rehabilitation of neurological patients", "Selected problems of social rehabilitation";
 Institute for the Advancement of Physicians. Baku, Moscow, Saint Petersburg;
 · "Examination and rehabilitation of neurological patients" course with Japanese specialists. Republican Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled;
 Rehabilitation of locomotor system in high-tech robotic "G-EO system" equipment. Switzerland, Moscow;
 ·  Workplace at the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of Hacettepe University Medical Faculty. Ankara;
 Advanced course on rehabilitation of coordination and motor disorders in the central nervous system conducted by German specialists, subject to completion of 3 cycles;
 · Improvement in the treatment of scoliosis with K. Shrot's method in Moscow course.

 Number of patients in pathology:

 Ø High-tech robotic gait complex with biological feedback - "G-EO" system - more than 1200 patients;
 Ø Hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke – more than 800 patients;
 Ø Neurotrauma and neurosurgical interventions – more than 5500 patients;
 Ø Pediatric neurology, cerebral palsy – more than 13,000 patients;
 Ø Post-traumatic and post-operative rehabilitation (endoprosthetics, condition after hip joint operations, muscle transfer and restoration and lengthening of tendons, repair of shoulder rotators) - 6,600 patients;
 Ø Orthopedics (scoliosis, kyphosis, paw problems, hip dysplasia, etc.) - 11,000 patients;
 Ø Cardiorehabilitation and physiotherapeutic appointments, etc.