Electrotherapy and phototherapy

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The term electrotherapy refers to the application of doses of electric currents, magnetic or electromagnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Electrotherapy includes galvanization, darsonvalization, diameter, magnetic therapy, etc. aiddir. Electrotherapy equipment, devices, and apparatus can model different types of electrotherapy effects.

Magnetic therapy is an effect in continuous or intermittent modes, through a fixed or variable low-frequency magnetic field (SMS or DAMS, respectively). Cellular and non-cellular components of blood under the influence of MS, its coagulation system and vascular endothelium (synthesis of prostaglandins), changes in oxidative-restorative processes, reconstruction of the neuro-endocrine system - activation of endocrine glands - targets (hormone secretion), metabolic reactions , increase in the level of auto-antibodies, changes in the rheological properties of the blood, microcirculation improvement stops.

 Phototherapy affects the skin with light rays on a regular basis and under the supervision of a doctor. Special lamps or lasers are used in phototherapy equipment:

- ultraviolet radiation (180-400 nm)
- infrared radiation (650-2000 nm)
- visible radiation (400-760 nm)

Spectrum of light: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. Each type of radiation has specific instructions for application and methods of exposure. Phototherapy procedures should be prescribed by a physician and performed under the supervision of a specialist.