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"Manual therapy" (MT) is a system of manual diagnostic and treatment methods aimed at the correction of neurological, orthopedic, visceral and other disorders caused by diseases or pathological changes of the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments.
Indications for the use of MT - diseases of the spine and joints of the extremities, in which case, in many cases, a strong positive result is achieved during the effects of manual therapy, allowing to reduce the dose of drugs or even completely eliminate them. In combination with other rehabilitation measures (physical exercises, massage, condition correction, physiotherapy procedures, etc.), MT accelerates the elimination of pathological syndromes, the normalization of the functions of the joints of the spine and extremities, and the recovery of patients.

The purpose of MT is to eliminate violations of the biomechanics of the joints of the spine and extremities, the movement of the spinal segments, joints and the restoration of the normal mobility of the musculoskeletal system as a whole consists in the reconstruction of the dynamic stereotype.

 It is known that the violation of tone in certain muscle groups leads to the formation of functional blockages in the joints of the extremities. This limits the mobility of not only the joint but also the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. Gradually, dystrophic changes in all these tissues increase, trophism worsens, which leads to shortening of damaged muscles. Functional contractures first appear in the joints, which can be eliminated in the process of active treatment, and in severe cases - organic contractures, in which case the joint becomes completely immobile. Mobilization techniques are used to restore the impaired function of the damaged parts of the locomotor system, to correct musculoskeletal imbalances, to further normalize the movement stereotype, and to improve trophism.