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For athletes

The institute conducts medical examinations of the highest level athletes of sports federations, clubs and national teams. The time of the medical examination is adjusted to the athlete's training and competition schedule. In addition, an in-depth medical examination (DTM) of athletes is performed, which includes a large number of examinations, which allows to draw more reliable conclusions about the athlete's current condition and his potential for sports achievements in one sport or another. We also provide post-treatment (trauma, illness) screening for our athlete contingent for safe admission and pre-screening screening for admission to competitions. The examination involves a sports doctor, therapist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist, dentist and, if necessary, other specialists. Athletes are screened in a laboratory and cardiorespiratory examination.

At the institute It also provides diagnostic and rehabilitation assistance to athletes during illness and injury. The clinic of the institute is equipped with all the necessary equipment for modern and successful treatment of sports injuries. You can learn more about our diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment options in the "Athletes" section.

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