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Examination of athletes

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  • Examination of athletes
An individual medical examination of an athlete is carried out in order to obtain information about their physical development, health assessment, functional status of the athlete's body and indicators of his ability to work, for which an individual examination program is developed. The program includes:

- morphometric examination;
- general clinical examination;
- Carrying out laboratory-instrumental examination;
- assessment of the level of physical development;
- assessment of psychophysiological and psychoemotional status;
- assessment of the impact of high physical activity on the function of organs and body systems;
- identification of border conditions as risk factors for pathology (as well as life-threatening) during sports training;
- identification of diseases (including chronic diseases in remission) and pathologies that are contraindicated in sports making;
 - forecasting of health status during regular high physical activity;
 - determination of the expediency of engaging in the chosen sport, taking into account the identified health status and identified functional changes;
 - medical recommendations for planning and correcting the training process in the annual training cycle, taking into account the changes found in the state of health.

 According to the results of the individual examination, in order to allow the athlete to participate in sports trainings and competitions, the adequacy of the load on the athlete's body, the suitability of the proposed loads to the functional capacity of the athlete, the correctness of the load regime.

 Individual medical examination of athletes is carried out at all stages of their multi-year training - from the stage of sports specialization, to the stage of improving sportsmanship and to the stage of high sportsmanship.