Rehabilitation of athletes

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We have a large number of operational science-based technologies for the recovery of athletes after training and sports competitions and during the competition process. For this purpose, vacuum therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryosauna and ice baths are used.

Post-traumatic recovery

Successful musculoskeletal trauma surgery, proper repositioning, and casting are essentially just the beginning of treatment, and more than 50% of its success depends on a properly designed post-traumatic rehabilitation program. Because long-term forced inactivity and lack of physical activity, as a rule, do not go unnoticed and pose a threat of certain problems. Against this background, vascular and other pathological changes lead to muscle atrophy, impaired soft tissue trophism, restricted movement of the joints, etc. can lead to violations. Hypodynamic trauma It slows down the absorption of the resulting hematoma and generally has a negative effect on the speed of recovery after trauma.

It is recommended to start recovery as early as possible after trauma without waiting for consolidation of fractures, end of immobilization or dismantling of sutures. Ideally, rehabilitation should be started on the second or third day after surgery or trauma to achieve the best results, but this should only be done with the permission of the treating physician and under the supervision of the medical staff.

In most cases, after an illness or surgery, patients need to be aware of an important step, such as rehabilitation after trauma and / or fractures. The success of post-traumatic treatment depends not only on the quality of the operation, but also on the competent post-traumatic rehabilitation. A closed fracture does not always mean a cure.

The basis of post-traumatic rehabilitation, more The most common and proven methods are therapeutic physical training, mechanotherapy, kinesiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy procedures, occupational therapy, psychotherapy. Our institute implements these technologies through skilled professionals with experience in working with active athletes.