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Working with top athletes from federations, clubs and national teams, we try to work closely with the coaches and doctors of these athletes. This allows us, on the one hand, to carry out a sequence of work with athletes at the institute, training and at home, on the other hand, to exercise medical-coach control over the course of treatment and sports results. We align the time of therapeutic events with the athlete's training and competition schedule.

In their opinions, our specialists provide not only medical advice, but also pedagogical advice on the athlete's condition during the training phase, during competitions or at rest. Our specialists will give an objective opinion on the possibility of admission to trainings with 100% load after rehabilitation, access to the field or game, if possible. Our recommendations to team coaches and doctors on rehabilitation from trauma or stress to a normal training process will help you transition in a mild way.

 For high-achievement sports, we provide basic and periodic medical examinations of athletes; We conduct phased and ongoing monitoring, as well as in-depth medical examination, which allows us to more fully assess the athlete's capabilities and identify the first points of return after the recovery treatment.

 Our mobile team is equipped with all the necessary equipment and a mobile clinical and biochemical laboratory and can conduct examinations in the hall, stadium, intersection and sports training base.

 You can contact our sports doctors for any information you are interested in by calling 404-83-10 /11. We will be glad to answer any of your questions and write you to the reception of our specialists.