Stabilometric platform in sports

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The stabilometric platform diagnoses disorders of balance and coordination in the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as visual and vestibular analyzers. It also uses the training value of a stabilometric platform to stimulate the nervous system and musculoskeletal units responsible for balance control, creates dynamic stereotypes, and develops muscles responsible for body stability.

The stabilometric platform is used in periodic and complex coordinated sports both for the purpose of diagnosing balance and balance control, and for use in the training process. With the help of a stabilometric platform, the vestibular apparatus is trained and the regulation of the response to stress is improved. The psychologist teaches the ability to control emotions when performing tasks complicated by stress. In the mood associated instability, the ability to reduce anxiety during the performance of the task and, accordingly, improve athletic performance.

 The feedback system of the simulator allows the specialists of the institute to receive a report on the training and, in addition to monitoring their conduct, also allows you to monitor the training process.