Myographic examination in sports

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Electromyography is a method that is widely used in sports medicine in general and in our institute in particular. We use transcutaneous wireless myography of athletes, which is painless and does not restrict normal movements. In addition, the athlete has the ability to perform his actions in the technique he has learned. The 16-channel system also allows you to examine a large number of muscles and their portions.

We use myography for both individual muscle examinations and complex examinations with isokinetic testing and optical-kinematic imaging with the connection of power platforms. Electrotensomyography, which correlates between the strength of a muscle stimulus and the strength of a muscle effort, is of great importance to athletes. This allows the detection of pathology of muscle function (functional, traumatic or congenital pathology) and the maximum possible effort.

Ours In our institute, myography is used in the complex and phased diagnosis of muscle pathology. The differential-diagnostic significance of this method is also high.