Post-surgical rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation of athletes after surgeries is one of the most important problems of modern traumatology and one of the most frequent reasons people visit our institute. The main task of physical rehabilitation of athletes is recovery of psychosomatic health, general and occupational working capability after diseases and injuries. While keeping many features of rehabilitation of non-athletes, rehabilitation of athletes is at the same time very specific first of all in view of its ultimate objectives that include recovery of special motor qualities and skills of athletes which requires other forms of organization, techniques and methods of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of athletes is characterized not only by its early beginning but also by an intention to use, besides conventional remedial gymnastics (if the state of the patient allows), special preparatory and even specialized exercises with training orientation, from the very first days after immobilization ends. It is the early beginning of comprehensive rehabilitation that is one of the most important components in reducing the duration of rehabilitation of athletes.

Our institute practices successive work with athletes, their sports physicians and coaches. Treatment that began at an early stage gives by far better results and prognoses of the further state.