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Individual work with athletes

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  • Individual work with athletes
Close medical and coaching work for achievement of sports results includes special investigations, training sessions, corrective insoles, recommendations for sleep, nutrition, biologically active supplements and medication treatment as well as correction of the training process. It can be necessary in caseof the following:
-individual correction of health and state disorders in athletes using special techniques
-comprehensive examination of an athlete before signing a contract with recommendations as to the health and state
-development of an individual program for complete recovery of athletes after injuries and for achievement of a better physical form
-assessment of personal indicators and personal maximum in qualified athletes
elaboration of training, nutritional and psychological recommendations for athletes and coaches.
Together with the coach we are ready to develop a model of the training process with a feedback and effective reliable mechanism of control and, together with the coach and according to a proposed schedule of athlete preparation, to carry out examinations in proper time and provide the coach with recommendations for correction of the training process based on the results of these recommendations.