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About the goals of the institute

The main purpose of our institute

Obtaining complete and comprehensive information on the physical development of athletes of the national teams of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their immediate resources, the functional state of their bodies; their training and rehabilitation after trauma and disease, intensive workload, improvement of individual indicators of high achievements in sports, as well as support for the development of sports in the country. In addition, the institute's role in coordinating the activities of health facilities and the application of physical rehabilitation methods of medical science with sports organizations, societies, federations and teams in the field of counseling and diagnostics, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of athletes.

The institute specializes in the prevention of trauma and disease in sports, rehabilitation treatment of athletes in various diseases and injuries, as well as attaches great importance to scientific and methodological work on the development and application of modern methods of medical control over the health of persons engaged in sports.

With the help of our specialists, medical care is provided to athletes and patients to improve their quality of life and improve sports results. We strive to maintain leadership in the provision of medical care and rehabilitation in sports in the city, country and region. Taking the course in the direction of continuous development, national professional staff in sports medicine, rehabilitation specialists and related fields are formed.

Khalilova Sabina Nazim

 Chairman of the Board