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Vacuum therapy
  • 28.06.2022

Vacuum therapy

Interval vacuum therapy is a new method that is based on innovative, advanced NASA technologies for treatment of leg vessel diseases. An interval vacuum therapeutic device is an effective instrument for blood flow control in the lower extremities. Interval vacuum therapy is used in
-Phlebology, vascular surgery;
-Vascular pathology;
-Endocrinology, diabetology;
-Dermatology, esthetic cosmetology;
-Endocrinology, diabetology;
-Rehabilitation, sports medicine;
-Orthopedics ;
-Gynecology, urology;
-Physiotherapy ;

The device alternatively influences the lower extremities and abdominal area with negative and normal pressure. It resembles a pump or an “additional heart” for the lower part of the body. Negative pressure extends capillary vessels and increases the number of functioning capillaries. Perfusion in tissues increases, and, as a result, the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients increases. Even tissues with insufficient perfusion or ischemia activate and recover. Normal atmospheric pressure promotes more active movement of venous and lymphatic blood through capillary vessels of the venous and lymphatic systems, which intensifies lymph drainage, promotes the removal of metabolic products (activization of metabolism).