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Mobilisation table
  • 28.06.2022

Mobilisation table

The mobilization table is designed for deep massage, mobilization, manipulation and used by physiotherapists, manual therapist , osteopaths and specialists of sportive massage. It supports to the doctor perform manipulations more easily. Restoration of mobility can be carried out in 3D motion using traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation. The table is decomposed into the main therapeutic and anatomical positions and tilts up and down.

In this position, rotation of the lower section in three planes can also be performed. The lower section tilts almost to the floor, providing convenient patient access to the table. The head section allows extensions, flexion, lateral flexion, traction and adjustment of height (up-down). Head and bottom sections allow for an unprecedented, soft lateral flexion.

In addition, the table has a unique tilt function that allows to place patients on the table with the most serious back problems directly from the standing position. The ability to make movement in three planes makes mobilization in the thoracic area truly unique. The doctor does not need to lift the patient or move it much easier and painless. As a result, pauses between procedures are reduced and treatment is faster.