Optical Biomechanics

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Advanced technologies are used to study the movement techniques of athletes. The optical control system is designed to provide biomechanics with high-tech tools for accurate and easy study of athletes' running and jumping. The analysis of the athlete's movement, along with the strength of the contact with the support, allows the recording of myography to identify changes in the athlete's movement technique. The research is conducted using 12 + 2 video cameras, power platforms and wireless electromyography. The system can develop the following protocols for athletes:

- Protocols for running analysis on a treadmill,
- Protocols for jump analysis,
- Additional reality protocol for power analysis,
- Stabilometric analysis.

The software is designed to work with any model of Qualisys cameras, which provides accurate and fast data collection. The system allows users to perform 2D, 3D and 6DOF coverage of data in real time with minimal delays. QTM meets the needs of both the most demanding and less experienced users in a wide range of applications - from medical sciences to pedagogical research. Flawless integration and synchronization with force plates and electromyography devices (EMGs), as well as real-time streaming for additional analysis, make QTM software a serious tool for analysis. QTM is built and developed around a selection of advanced motion capture algorithms that provide high productivity, accuracy and low latency.