The structure of the institute

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  • The structure of the institute

The institute works closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as is the parent institution of Azerbaijan, providing scientific and methodological guidance to sports dispensaries.

In accordance with the set goals, the National Institute of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation consists of treatment, preventive, scientific and educational structures. Their interaction leads to better coordination and activates horizontal intra-enterprise connections. Management is carried out by the director of the institute and his deputies for medical science and sports.

The institute includes the following departments:

Department of scientific, educational and organizational-methodical work

This department is engaged in the implementation of the scientific theme of the institute, the development of scientific and methodological documents, the training of specialists.

Coordination group

The coordination group organizes the provision of all types of medical care to athletes and patients,...

Rehabilitation department

Reabilitasiya şöbəsi

Day accommodation hospital


Dispensary-consulting department